Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fun Times!

Isn't this a fun picture?

Joshua loves his chalk board! He reminds me a little of Kenny in Maurice Sendak's "Kenny's Window." Except I don't think Joshua has gotten into any fights with his stuffed animals.

Joshua was so proud of his sun picture, and so was I, I have to admit! Especially when he ran into the bathroom where I as putting on make-up and told me frantically to come and see what he had done! And behold, my son!

I have an up-and-coming excellent speller! T-O-Y! He later spelled "Jo" in an attempt to spell his name. It was rather cute.

Bath time is rather an ordeal in our home. We stopped giving Joshua baths due to the amount of water that ended up on the floor of the bathroom, and have given him showers since. But, on this special occasion when I was feeling charitable, I let Josh and Eva swim in the drink for a while!

Eva is usually washed in the kitchen sink. It's easier to wash her in there due to the advice I usually get from Joshua about how to properly give a bath (and his insistant participation) when Eva is in the tub. Besides, there is something charming about washing a baby in the sink. I feel bad that Joshua never got the experience...But I am not so far gone as to attempt it! Can you imagine? Eeya...

Don't you just want to squeeze her??!!


Trillium said...

I always gave my tiny ones a kitchen sink bath--uses less water and is easier on an aching back.

word verification=fetalsin

what kind of warped mind came up with that?

Zaphod said...

I prefer Hobble Creek on a particularly blustery day for giving baths to children. Makes them tough!

shydandelion said...

You are sick and twisted, Dad.

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