Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So, I have spent most of the day glued to my computer chair. I am feeling krickle. And rightly so. After discovering old friends on Facebook, I was checking every couple of minutes to see if they had accepted my cyber friendship. And then I was checking my blog. And everyone else's blog. And my farm on Facebook. And chatting with friends on Facebook. Joshua, consequently, spent the afternoon watching "Wallace and Gromit" and "The Nightmare before Christmas." He is apparently feeling krickle too. And Eva, who mirrors the rest of us, is acting krickle. KRICKLE.

Another reason I was on the computer was because Jeremy's commuter car wouldn't go this morning, and so I was looking at loan options. More Krickle. And then I was looking at car options, and discussed them with Jeremy: What does consumer reports say? What does Kelly Blue book say? What does Edmunds say? Should we get a commuter car? Should we get a bigger family car? Should Jeremy drive the Blazer? Should we get a van? A SUV? A chevrolet? A toyota? A honda? A crap car? An investment car? I finally went out to the defunct car and tried to start it. Of course, it worked. Blah...all that time wasted. Krickle krickle krickle.

All this loan stuff made me think of us saving for a home. SO, since I was at KSL.com looking at cars, I thought I would look at how the economy is doing. Yeah...I left feeling discouraged at two things: 1) how depressing it is to be poor and 2) how mean people are to eachother when they have the shield of an internet ID. The article on KSL allowed for people to make comments, and the nasty things they said back and forth was enough to make Hitler cry. Krick-krick-krickle.

AND since I am trying to cut the fat in my life, I have been counting calories: Apple, orange, banana, cookie, milk, pizza, breadstick, chocolate = 1500 WHAT THE HECK??? No no no...I must recount...apple, orange, bananacookiemilkpizzabreadstickchcioceipajodkfjapdoifja pdfiojas = 120,000,000 NO NO NO NO NO NONO!

At some point, I took a break because of this:

I actually followed her around trying to get a good shot..yes..sad isn't it?

And then, to clear my head, I decided to tickle the ivory. Unfortunately I spent most of the time yelling at Joshua to PLEASE PICK UP THE MAGNETS BEFORE I THROW THEM AWAY (I always hate making idle threats. Krickle. Krickle I SAY!), and all the while he keeps asking me if I am happy. No, I'm not happy! I want to scream, but I know this would hurt his feelings, even though my being happy has nothing to do with him, since he can't control me, I control me, but apparently I am doing a really bad job and it is leaking out on other people. K R I C K L E


Of course, I woke up when Jeremy did at 4:45am and thought, "Gee, I should stay up! Think of all the things I could do..." So I did...and now I am a wreck. Krickle.


Katscratchme said...

Don't go crazy... we all have krickle days. Ben and I have been having headaches for several days. He has cluster headaches and I've been having sinus/tension headaches.
Oh.. and I couldn't sleep at 3am.. so I got up after tossing and turning for nearly an hour. I ended up asleep on the couch... probably the cause of my tension headache.

Jen said...

I went to a krickle Primary activity where they made krickle cookies. . . and I ate them. . . and ate them. . . and ate them. . . blah. . . I feel krickle too.

shydandelion said...

Krickle day...
hacriv: what to do with a krickle day.

DebbieLou said...

Getting up at 4:45 AM would make me krickle too!

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