Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tagging all mommies!

1. What time do you wake up? When Jeremy isn't home, I wake up around 7:30 and try to get some exercising in before the kids wake up. When Jeremy is home, we stay in bed until the kids can't possibly be any more ready to be up!
2. On a good night, what time are your kids in bed? My kids go to bed at 6pm. End of story, end of stress!
3. How long have you been a mommy? I have been a mommy for 4 years and 27 days. :D
4. How old were you when you became a mom? I was 23, and a great shock it was! (in a good way.)
5. What is your favorite chore? Folding blankets. And towels! I don't like folding anything else.
6. What is your favorite meal to cook? Hmmm...Sloppy tacos! Yummy...
7. What meal do you cook most often? Lunch, actually. When dinner rolls around I am usually only half of myself and so Jeremy pitches in a lot, and we have our own stock in Little Caesar's pizza.
8. What are 5 things about being a mom that make you smile?
1. Watching my kids play together. They have so much fun, and watching them make eachother laugh is priceless.
2. Watching them develope new talents! I love it when Joshua knows words, and watching Eva learn to walk!
3. Playing with my kids always cheers me up like nothing else!
4. I have to agree with my friend Tiffany, that squishing their little bottoms makes me smile! :)
5. I love it when Joshua comes up to me, looks a little sad and says "I will miss you..." and then walks away. LOL!
9. If you could take your kids anywhere, where would it be? Some where where they could play and I wouldn't have to worry about them being kidnapped or dying of cold. Hawaii sounds nice! 10. When was the last time you went out without your kids? The last time...hmmm...two weeks ago, my mother-in-law watched the kiddies and we went out to dinner. It was nice, but I couldn't help but miss my kids...
11. What is your most heartbreaking moment as a mom? When we had to rush Joshua to the hospital was definately heartbreaking. What made it more so was there he was bleeding profusely and nobody would help him, so we had to go to another hospital...Some times when I am stressed out, I get a little stern with Eva, and the look she gives me tells me I have broken her heart, and that in turn breaks mine... :(
12. When was the last time you told one of your kids I love you? 10 minutes ago when I put them in bed!
13. When was the last time you were told I love you? Jeremy ran out the door to rent a movie and told me he loved me like he always does when he leaves me! :)


Katscratchme said...

Super cute! I did it too! :)

Rebecca said...

so i guess i have to do some thinking... :)

DebbieLou said...

Wow, I wish my kids would sleep like that sometimes! Mine have to get up around 6:00 am to get ready for school, though it's usually closer to 6:30 by the time everyone is out of bed. They are supposed to go to bed by 8:00 pm, though it's usually closer to 9:00 pm when they get to their rooms, and my boys fool around for another 30 min. to 2 hours on most nights. I like to sleep more than they do! What kind of arrangement is that?

Tiffany said...

Wow 6pm is incredible! It's 11:20 right now and Micah is still awake. Yikes.

Sloppy tacos sounds very yummy!

Yea for squishing their little bottoms! :)

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